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Drain cleaners don't have to be bad for the environment. That's why DrainOut® products are designed to be powerful, effective and safe for the environment. DrainOut® Bathroom Drain Opener is specially formulated to clear bathroom clogs. It blasts through tough hair and soap clogs, easily gets bathroom drains running again quickly and with regular use prevents slow running drains. It's plumbing and septic safe.

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Product Name:

DrainOut® Bathroom Drain Opener

Available Sizes:

16 fl. oz. & 32 fl. oz.

What it Does:

Specialized peroxide formula powers through hair and soap scum clogs.

How it Works:

A scientifically formulated blend of hydrogen peroxide and citric acid attacks hair and soap scum.

How Often to Use:

Use DrainOut® Bathroom Drain Opener when your bathroom drain is clogged.

Non-Compatible Surfaces/Materials:

Do not use on polished brass, nickel, copper and water-based painted surfaces.
Immediately wipe up any spills on dark colored granite and vinyl flooring.

Precautions and Safety:
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Do not mix with other chemicals.
  • Use with adequate ventilation.
  • Do not ingest.
  • Store in original container in an upright position and reseal after each use.
  • Store container away from heat, flames and combustible materials.
  • Do not reuse container.
For more product information, see our SDS
Is it safe to use a plunger or pressurized drain opener after adding DrainOut® Bathroom Drain Opener to my drain?

No, when DrainOut® Bathroom Drain Opener is present in a drain, that drain should NEVER be plunged due to risk of dangerous splash back. Serious injury may result.

Can I use DrainOut® Bathroom Drain Opener for maintenance and prevention purposes?

DrainOut® Bathroom Drain Opener can easily be used for preventative maintenance, simply follow regular household drain maintenance instructions.

Can I put DrainOut® Bathroom Drain Opener down the drain after using another drain opener?

Never mix drain or household chemicals! DrainOut® Bathroom Drain Opener cannot be mixed with any other chemical drain opener. Mixing chemicals may result in a violent reaction.

How do I remove an extra tough clog or a clog from a floor drain?

For use on tough clogs or in floor drains, simply, double amount used per instructions on the label.

How do I use DrainOut® Bathroom Drain Opener in a Bathroom sink drain?

To use DrainOut® Bathroom Drain Opener in a regular household drain, simply, remove the standing water from the sink and pour half a bottle of DrainOut® Bathroom Drain Opener directly into the drain. Allow product to work for 15 min then flush drain with warm water.

Can DrainOut® Bathroom Drain Opener be used on my other household drains?

Use DrainOut® Bathroom Drain Opener on your bathroom drain and use DrainOut® Kitchen Drain Opener on your kitchen clogs.

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(coming soon)

DrainOut products are not only easy to use but they are also easy to find. Available in stores across Canada, choose from DrainOut 8 and 4 pouch packages or 2in1 liquid. DrainOut will help to keep your system trouble free. Find DrainOut products at the following retailers:

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